My Message™ Button

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Record Your Own Button. You can record one longer message, or you can record two shorter messages. You can record three or four of five short messages. Even more if you want. If you want to change your messages you can erase them all and start over. Decorate the top any way you like- use stickers or permanent markers. You can make any message that you want whether it is a Happy Birthday Button or a Fart Button. Enjoy!

-multiple messages up to 20 sec total


How do you record messages?

    To add messages:

1. Press record button on the bottom of the unit. The unit will beep to let you know that it is recording.

2. Record your message.

3. Press record button to stop recording. You will hear 2 beeps to let you know that it has finished recording.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to add more messages.

Can I erase the message? I want to change my message.

    Yes- to erase all the messages press and hold the record button until you hear 3 beeps.

Why does my message sound quiet?

    For best results, record into the speaker on the bottom of the button at a close range.

How long can my message be?

    Your total recording time is 20 seconds. For comparison sake, The NO! button is approximately 10 seconds, so you can get plenty of phrases on one button.  You can record 1 long message or 20 short 1 second messages. How you choose to use the 20 seconds is up to you!